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WGphone is a program to automatically analyse phone bills in flat shares. Therefore you will only need a elektronic itemized bill as some kind of text file as many phone companies provide one. You will have to enter all your flatmates and the numbers they call once. Afterwards the program calculates each flatmates share of the bill.

Maybe I can add support for your phone company if you send me a itemized bill file. However, if you can program in Python, this can be done easily by yourself.


They are here.



Windows users should simply download the installer. Otherwise you will need Python, Qt in version >= 4.0 and the Python Qt bindings PyQt in version >= 4.0, to execute the source.


If you like WGphone and it saves some of your time, you might want to donate:

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Questions go into the Help Forum. There are also sites for Bug Reports and Feature Requests.


WGphone is free software. It is licensed unter the GNU General Public License.


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